The French Box is a trademark of Toma’s bakery which has been operating successfully for eight years now and produces the best French croissants, macarons, sweet and savory pastries according to authentic French recipes using only quality products and no artificial colors and additives. The French Box is where our products are sold to customers, baked on site.

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Good investment

The French Box franchise gives you an opportunity to build a successful and long-term family business.

Buying a franchise is an investment project that guarantees higher returns and profitability than conservative real estate investments.

The investment varies from 85k to 100k BGN depending on the location of the container.


Suitable locations are retail parks, parking lots in front of supermarkets, residential neighborhoods, busy parks and boulevards with the possibility of short car parking options. The sites can be municipal or private:

Site: 30-60 m2 (or 4 parking spaces)

7-10 meters face

Presence of water and sewage system nearby

Electricity consumption: 20 kW (three-phase current)



Applicants are required to have managerial skills, entrepreneurial spirit, business skills and business experience, but not necessarily in the field of commercial site management.

A crucial condition is that the Franchisee entirely dedicates themselves to this business for the first six months while the site is being developed on the market.

One of the most important conditions for a successful business is the choice of site location.


Our commitments to you are:

  • Our commitments to you are:

    • We will help you choose the right location for you as well as help you with the procurement of electricity, water and sewage.
    • We will help you in the process of obtaining all the necessary permits and certificates for legalization of your site.
    • We will take care to deliver a fully equipped and functional container according to the terms of the contract.
    • An ERP system (tested and selected by us) as well as video surveillance of your site which allows you to control your business online in real time.
    • We will train you and your staff in real life conditions in our site.
    • Menu with fixed delivery and sale prices which provides an average of 85% margin in your favour.
    • Delivery of our products to your site.

The obligations of the Franchisee are:

  • To manage the container on its own behalf and at its own expense, with the help of the team of The French Box.
  • Monitor the availability of goods and delivery orders placement.
  • To recruit and motivate the staff.
  • To monitor the hygiene and the correct display of the products in the site.
  • To achieve maximum sales to the customers.

Working hours:

Monday – Sunday : 08 – 20 h.
Bul. Istoria slavianobalgarska 21

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Tel. : 0888201281

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